Expresii romanesti care ii DISTREAZA pe americani: “Throw vapours on you”


Un site din Statele Unite a publicat traducerea fidela in engleza a unor foarte uzitate expresii romanesti, starnind o mare dezbatere printre cititori. Textul a devenit in scurt timp viral.

A Romanian is not “surprised”…his “face has fallen off” (I-a picat fata).

A Romanian didn’t just “do so much with so little” … he “made a whip out of shit” (Face din rahat bici).

A Romanian won’t “lose temper” … his “mustard will jump off” (Ii sare mustarul).

A Romanian hasn’t just “screwed up” … he “threw his boogers in the beans” (A dat cu mucii-n fasole).

A Romanian doesn’t “suddenly get it” … his “coin drops” (Ii pica fisa).

You don’t “drive a Romanian nuts” … you “take him out of his watermelons” (Il scoti din pepeni).

A Romanian will not have “the impostor syndrome” … he will “feel with the fly on his cap” (Se simte cu musca pe caciula).

A Romanian won’t tell you to stop “wasting time” … he’ll tell you to stop “rubbing the mint” (Freca menta).

A Romanian won’t say that something is “cool” … he’ll say it’s “concrete” (Beton).

A Romanian is not “nervous” … he “has a carrot (in his ass)” (Are un morcov in fund).

A Romanian is not “stupid” … he’s “a Venice bush” (Tufa de Venetia).

A Romanian hasn’t been “scammed” … he “took a spike” (A luat teapa).

A Romanian is not “a drunkard” … he’s “a blotting paper” (Sugativa).

A Romanian will not look at you “confused” … he will “stare like the crow at the bone” (Ca cioara la ciolan).

A Romanian doesn’t have “unusual ideas” … he has “a curly mind” (Minte creata).

A Romanian won’t “try to fool you” … he’ll “throw vapours at you” (Te abureste).

A Romanian is not “extremely tired” … he’s “cabbage.” His life is not “chaotic” … it’s “cabbage.” And his room is not “a complete mess” … it’s also “cabbage” (Varza).

In Romania, things are not “far away” … they’re “at the devil’s mother” (La mama naibii).

A Romanian doesn’t just “keep quiet” … he “keeps quiet like the pig in a corn field” (Tace ca porcu-n papusoi).

A Romanian won’t “call it quits” … he’ll “stick his feet in” (Isi baga picioarele).

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